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Please arrive early to get the most out of this networking "table-talk" time. If you have not already delivered your flyers and other collateral, this is a great time to do so to make sure we are able to market your organization at this event!

Here's when we get to tell you how excited we are for you to be here. 

Then you will get to meet one of St. George's biggest arts supporters, Councilwoman Dannielle Larkin, who will give a breakdown on how the City is supporting the arts in this year's budget.

You can't miss this dynamic speaker, Corbin Allred, giving us the low-down on the essential nature of arts. Check out his bio in the program!

We have light refreshments downstairs. Introduce yourself to other arts leaders. Find the restroom. Hurry back for the next session.

Hear from you friendly neighborhood Community Arts Manager about grant writing. This session will be tailored towards the grants administered by the St. George Arts Commission, but the tips and tricks will be useful for all grant writing endeavors. 

Head on over to the Dixie Academy (3rd floor of the Children's Museum). Lunch and entertainment are provided. We will also be honoring our two recipients for this years Excellence in Arts Award. For more information about this award, click here to visit the webpage.

Make sure you are back in your seat for 2:15. You won't want to miss this short film, courtesy of the Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah!

Hear from UCA, **THE** organization for promoting, sustaining, and growing the arts throughout all of Utah. 

Pull out your notebooks, folks; this one is a doozy. Check out Lance Brown's bio in the program and buckle up for a reality check on your organization's mission and vision statements.

We don't even know yet what this day has in store. We cannot wait to go through this experience with you and attempt to wrap everything up in a nice, little, summarized bow. We do know we won't be ready to say goodbye, which is why we hope you will stick around for a while after. 

We hope you've enjoyed your time and learned a lot in the Historic Electric Theater, but it would be a shame to miss the attached Arrowhead Gallery. Solidify the connections you have made today and check out the gallery for some of the amazing art we have available here in St. George!