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Wendy Wilson Spooner

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Wendy was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lived in five states and fifteen cities. As a world traveler, she considers the entire planet her home—except for Utah, which is truly home. 

Wendy is a passionate promoter of artists and art in all forms. Her three-year term serving as National Vice-Chair for Daughters of the American Revolution, over twelve art and sculpture categories in the annual American Heritage contest, has been an honor to fill, as only 2% of all DAR members ever serve on the national level. 

As a best-selling new release historical fiction novelist, Wendy expresses her love of history and family through the Once Upon an Irish Summer (book 1) and Celtic Winter (book 2) series, based on a true story and ten years of research. 

Her work with children is comprised of becoming an art appreciation teacher for elementary-age children, and teaching kids and teens to play the piano, right down to taking apart the entire instrument to see how everything works. Music enveloped Wendy’s early years and still does today, because music can speak where words sometimes cannot.

After completing her undergrad in psychology, Wendy slugged her way through graduate school at the University of London in the Documentary Sciences program, and started a wedding cake company to wield frosting as a needed creative outlet, because frosting is merely another form of art—in sugar. 

Her greatest loves are her husband and their five daughters, though, and now, eleven grandchildren. They bring unspeakable joy to her life as they create art, hike, camp, read, dance, and play together!

Nationally Recognized Award-Winning Acrylic Painter

Award-Winning Poet

DAR National Vice Chair and Chapter Officer

DUP Company Parliamentarian and Camp Secretary/Treasurer

Chairman of the Advisory Board – Century Vital Records

The Golden Wheel Charity Board Member

Costume Designer, Set Painter

Sheet-Music Composer

Refugee Mentor

Author Mentor