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  John C. Kessler

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John Kessler was born at a very young age simultaneously in the states of Michigan and confusion. Raised in Northern Utah he has gratefully been residing in southern Utah without snow since 1989. This distinction makes him a red-sand-native only to those who have been here for a shorter time than he. Currently living in “Sandtown” he is attempting to renovate an almost 100 year old home with no money, time or talent to do so.  After +12 piano teachers over his lifetime it was apparent he might do better in the theater.  In the past 30 years Mr. Kessler has acted in or directed a multiplicity (that’s a bunch) of plays and theatrical events at local theaters and other venues.  His most recent stint of 13 years was as director and occasional performer in Scrooge for the Dickens Festival.  Where still allowed, he helps where he can to make this desert oasis just a little more like heaven.  Mr. Kessler has served time or is currently serving time with: St. George Arts Commission,  St George Lodging Association, St George Streetfest, St. George Chamber of Commerce -Sunshiners, Downtown Business Group, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In real life he is a General Manager for Wittwer Hospitality at the nationally ranking Hampton Inn & Suites at SunRiver. What’s more, Mr. Kessler is a father to some amazing kids who are even more talented and witty than he. He hopes to be buried here.