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Art Museum

Art Museum
47 East 200 North

Each school year docents usher almost 3,000 Washington County school children through the Museum’s galleries.  Beginning in September, a new crop of 5th graders explore the slate of exhibits on display.  These field trips expose children to the world of fine art but docent led tours through the exhibits are only half of the experience.  The 5th graders also “Meet the Artist” for demonstrations and hands-on art activities. 

After a winter break for the holidays, school tours resume in mid-January and the 4th grade students are ready to visit.  The Museum tour portion of their visit is similar to that of the 5th graders but the other segment features a St. George history lesson from the Historic St. George LIVE volunteers.  This entertaining presentation dovetails nicely with the Utah History that 4th graders are learning in their classrooms. 

As curricula in this country focuses more and more on common core subjects of reading and math, many regard art education to be a luxury.  However, research has shown that creative activities and exposure to visual aesthetics are important building blocks of child development.  Improvements in motor skills, language development, decision making, inventiveness and cultural awareness have been attributed to the exposure to art and creativity in early education.

The St. George Art Museum is always looking for more volunteer docents.  If you are interested please fill out an application online or in person at the Museum.

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Send email to or call (435) 627-4525

Fill out an application online here or in person at the Museum. Call (435) 627-4525 for more information.