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Mimi has four pieces currently on display at the St George Art Museum: KrokbragdSunset IPlay Time, and The Wave. She is an award-winning weaver and a member of The Mary Meigs Atwater Weaver’s Guild of Utah, as are many artists in Twisting Twining Tumbling. The Guild is named after a founding member, Mary Meigs Atwater.  Mary Meigs Atwater is often credited for saving hand weaving in America.  She was a very interesting and adventuresome woman.  She taught weaving in the 30-40’s, ran a nationally distributed bulletin for weavers, "The Shuttlecraft Bulletins," and authored a number of monograms and books on weaving. Mimi continue's Mary Meig Atwater's legacy through her own weaving. Here, Mimi writes about one of her pieces:



"This tapestry was inspired by a wonderful photo that my husband took of “The Wave”, a marvelous and colorful rock formation in the Paria Canyon/Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness area near the borders of Utah & Arizona.  I loved working on this piece as I was able to study this beautiful photo, relive the joy of our hike and challenge myself to translate it into yarn.

Mother Nature is a very skilled artist!   If you look closely at any “red rock” wall or formation, you will see that the “red rock” is actually made up of many colors and shades of reds, browns, purples, whites, grays, etc.  I have been collecting yarns in these colors for some time and this tapestry gave me a chance to use them all!  Many of the yarns I used were hand dyed & handspun.  I like the texture and subtle color changes these yarns provide.

This piece was totally flat when it was woven on the loom.  However, because of all the curviness of the lines and the interplay between the different tensions of the handspun and commercial yarns, when I cut the piece off the loom it gave me a wonderful surprise.  The piece definitely had a mind of its own and decided it wanted to be three dimensional.  I quite liked the 3D effect so I stuffed those areas with wool to make sure they would stay that way when I framed it.  It was a totally challenging and fun piece to work on!"

- Mimi Rodes, Dec. 2019



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