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Dennis Martinez has a solo installation in the Legacy Gallery called The Human Touch. He is a professor of creative arts at Dixie State University. Here he talks about The Human Touch:



"The work presented in the art installation “The Human Touch” is a combination of inspirations and expressions on both a personal level and an Art Historical level.  

The two installations with the mannequins are inspired by stories from my parents.  The woman is from my mother waiting for my father to return from war with his portrait on the mirrored dresser and portraits of her parents hanging besides it.  In the other, my father sits looking at a portrait of my mother who has passed away with images on the hutch that play off memories and thoughts of their life together.  There are also portraits of his parents to the side of the work.

Both of these installations are inspired by the works of George Segal.  His works are more ambiguous and secular but I project a more personal element to my figures and their environments.

The small head sculptures on both corners portray the fragmented or displaced feeling of my father and the determined and optimistic feelings of my mother.

The large paintings are emotions that go with the installations that involve human emotions that play off these situations.  The red painting is inspiration for my father from my mother with the touch of her hand keeping that memory alive.  The blue painting is courage and strength from my mother in holding up and supporting her family in times of struggle.  The male face on yellow is a self-portrait representing my history and the influences throughout my life.  The smaller multicolored face is a general reflection of handling all of life’s situations both good and bad.

Overall, I would like the viewer to bring his or her own memories and experiences to the body of work and reflect on all that life gives to our human condition."

- Dennis Martinez, Jan. 2020



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