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Tabitha Nygaard

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Throughout Tabitha’s college career at Dixie State University and the University of Utah, her award-winning work has been featured in student art shows and galleries across diverse mediums and styles. Living in St. George, UT with her husband and Great Dane Jefa, Tabitha now enjoys teaching elementary art at Horizon Elementary and Little Valley Elementary.Tabitha also runs Last Chance Brass where she and her husband turn old brass instruments into functional art. Their work has been featured throughout the state, online, and at the St. George Arts Festival (2021). Musically, she is a charter staff member of the St. George Jazz Festival and facilitates jazz performances and education for hundreds of students. As a performer, Tabitha is a member of the Southwest Symphony Orchestra and plays both French horn and trumpet. In addition to her many artistic hobbies, she also enjoys playing games with her family and working with them on several ongoing, hands-on projects, including the restoration of her orange 1977 Corvette.