Jim Sevy, at Large

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I have been involved with the arts commission for about 10 years and represent 2 groups. The First group is performing artists. I am a guitarist and vocalist working semiprofessionally as a soloist and as

a part of a jazz quartet, a classic country band and a classic pop and rock band. All of these at separate times of course. My ultra ego picks up a 1939 king sousaphone and plays with a New Orleans Dixie land

jazz group and in October I perform as a member of the George Stahli memorial umpah ensemble. In my real life and other mission on the board is to represent the needs and concerns of the merchants downtown as we incorporate art into the culture for locals and tourist. My shop is M&S Turquoise company, a wholesale and retail business, located at 53 E. St George Blvd. I have 3 great and very talented adult

children who share my passion for music, 5 grand children and Jill

my beautiful and wonderfully talented wife, who works for Peoples

Town and Country Bank and is involved in arts by booking weekly

free noon performances in their great room every Friday.