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Adam Mast

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Adam Mast’s love of film knows no bounds. This passion would lead him to cover movies for southern Utah’s The Independent back in 1996. He continues to write for this arts and leisure newspaper to this very day. He would also go on to co-found the entertainment site, Cinemast.net in 2013. In 2017, Mast would realize a lifelong dream with colleague John Pugh through the creation of the Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah (FMASU), a nonprofit designed to nurture, inspire, encourage, and educate filmmaking talent. FMASU would also set its sights on the preservation of film history and the celebration of the theatrical experience by way of a handful of film-centric events held throughout the year. Included; Desertscape International Film Festival, HorrorFest International, A Merry Movie Christmas, The Electric Film Series, Southern Utah’s Filmmaker Spotlight, and the increasingly popular Guerilla Filmmaking Challenges which are held three times per year. Mast happily resides in St. George, UT with his lovely wife and their four amazing children. While film is very close to his heart, he is and forever will be a champion of the arts scene in general.