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Square One

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The St. George Art Museum will be hosting the annual Juried High School Art Exhibition, SQUARE ONE, for Southern Utah.

This exhibit will be taking place January 8th - February 5th of 2022. Submissions are due December 1st, 2021.

To submit artwork for this exhibition please click on the link below and it will be submitted to the jury for entry. Open to both 2D and 3D works. There is no submission fee for this exhibit. Please read the requirements below and email the museum with any questions at museum@sgcity.org


  • All high school students (grades 9-12)
  • Located in Iron, Washington, Kane, Garfield, Beaver, and Millard counties
  • Up to 2 pieces of original artwork in any medium/style, created within the past 2 years

Proper Hanging Hardware


Artwork must be either gallery wrapped or properly framed. Glass or plexiglass is acceptable. Pastels must be sealed. All surfaces must be dry. Artwork must not exceed 5’ in any direction. Weight not to exceed 25 pounds. Must be securely fastened with picture wire with the center wire 3” below the top of the frame. Directions:

  1. Measure ⅓ to halfway down the frame. 
  2. Place eye screw or D-rings in the frame. Use adequately sized fasteners for the weight of the piece. 
  3. Secure the wire to the fasteners and adjust the length so when stretched, the wire will be between 3 and 4 inches from the top of piece. Use non-coated braided wire sufficient for the weight of the piece. String, saw-tooth hangers and clips cannot be used with our hanging system.