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Museum Tours

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Looking for ways to get more involved with the arts? We now offer guided private tours of the museum on Tuesdays at 2pm.

You can now come to the museum on Tuesdays at 2pm for a donation based guided tour. During the last year or so, we were open Wednesday through Saturday, but we have since added Tuesdays back to our regular business hours.

The tour is typically one hour long and can accommodate roughly 20 individuals. Check out our current exhibit page to see what is on view.

*We will pick back up on school tours and field trips in the fall.

If you and a group are at risk and interested in having a tour of the museum please email museum@sgcity.org to schedule a private viewing of our current exhibits on Mondays when the museum is closed to the public. Please get in touch with us at least two weeks prior to your anticipated tour date. Tours available upon staff availability.

We are always looking for volunteers to give tours of the museum. If you are interested, please email museum@sgcity.org to get more information about our docent program.

Private Tours

The St. George Art Museum offers private tours available to the public, especially to those with special needs. These private tours allow individuals the opportunity to learn about the exhibit from an inviting and friendly docent. The St. George Art Museum is handicap accessible, and booking a private tour allows staff to meet specific needs that might be required. Admission to the museum is FREE, although donations are always welcomed.

Private Tour Set-Up

In most cases, a large group will be divided into smaller groups, allowing a more personal experience. Private tours will be hosted by one or more docents, depending on the size of group. Each docent will personalize the tour, providing interesting information and accommodations as needed. Questions and discussions are encouraged. 

Preparing for your Private Tour

Arrival: Please arrive on time. Delays may force cancellation or shortening of tours. Handicap parking and ramps are available on the west side of the museum at 212 N. Main.

Personal Assistance: If members of your group require personal assistance, please provide the appropriate number of adult caregivers. Museum staff are not responsible for providing that care. They also DO NOT move or lift wheelchairs.

Social Distancing: Social distancing, and the wearing of masks, is the responsibility of all participants.

Cell Phones: Please refrain from using cell phones during tours. If you need to take a call, please step away from the tour to refrain from distracting others. Please note that taking photographs of the art is prohibited.

Gift Shop: The Museum gift shop will be open for purchases at the end of each tour. Credit cards are appreciated. 

Art Museum
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