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Art Critique Night

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The St. George Art Museum is now hosting a monthly

Art Critique Night!

This event is open for artists of all ages, with art of any medium, as a chance to not only get some constructive feedback on artwork, but also as a way to learn how to view and perceive artworks.

The gathering takes place the first Wednesday of each month at 5pm inside the Art Museum. Feel free to bring a work that you have made and partake in the open discussion. There will be a brief introduction on the historical context of art critique, why it is important for us now, and ways to assess what we are looking at.

There is a new component to the event; People's Choice. We will vote on the best of the work that is brought in and that artist will have the option of leaving the piece on display within the museum until the next month's Critique Night.

As a donation based event, it is open to the public, and anyone is welcome to join and participate, with or without work of their own. We look forward to seeing you there!

People's Choices

September 2021 - Steve Huff, "B1", 2021. Molding Paste and Acrylic

October 2021 - Joaquin Jimenez, "Dogma", 2021. Watercolor

November 2021 - Ken Lima, "I Think We Are Alone Now", 2021. Pastel and Pencil

December 2021 - Maxwell Petralia, "Watching", 2021. Colored Pencils and Graphite

January 2021 - Kay Bestaman, "Black Beauty", 2021. Watercolor

September 2022 - Amanda Bowers, "Untitled", 2022. Polaroid emulsion lift