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U.S. Masters SUSA Swim Group

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Sand Hollow Aquatic Center (SHAC)
1144 North 2400 West

Anyone 18 years or older is invited to join the Masters swim groups at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center.  Coached workouts are included for fitness swimmers, competitive swimmers, triathletes, and those who simply enjoy swimming in a group.  Coaches will improve your swimming strokes, endurance, and advance your swimming levels. Come give it a try for the first time for free (pool admission still applies)

Coach Shawn King runs the SUSA Masters group on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00am-10:30am. Contact Cindy Gilmore at 408-294-5545 with any questions or for more information.



Pricing Information

$35 a month for SUSA Masters Group with Coach Shawn King. (General Admission or Membership Passes Still Apply)