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FUNdamental Youth Pre-Sport Clinics

Recreation Center

Kade Huff
Recreation Supervisor
(435) 627-4593

Leisure Department @ City Commons Building

FUNdamental Youth Programs are for those children ready for a kick start in learning the fundamentals of sports. There are FUNdamental Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, and TBall programs for ages 3-5 boys and girls. Parent participation is required so that both parties can learn and take what they learn home. 6 week clinic with t-shirt provided for each clinic.

  • Our coaches will teach the fundamentals of each sport and basic knowledge for the kids to understand and enjoy the game.
  • They will do their best to make it fun and educational.
  • They will include parents and much as possible. We require parents/guardians to engage as much as possible with coaches and kids. 
  • Help kids develop gross motor skills. 
  • Help kids learn good sportsmanship and what it means to be a good teammate and work together as a team.
  • Help parents understand the best practices, drills, and skills to use outside of the program to best help your child be successful. 
  • Make new friends and have fun!
Things to be aware of: 
  • Each session should be about 50 minutes long.
  • Our coaches will take roll before each class. Please do your best to be there on time or even try to be slightly early. It is important to be about 10-15 minutes early to class on the first week so coaches can pass out shirts to the kids, and still have enough time to hold a full class.
  • In the first two weeks of class, coaches will pass out t-shirts to the kids. After the 2nd week we hope to have all shirts handed out to each athlete.
  • Please make sure to bring plenty of water for yourself and your children. There's a very good chance that these mornings will be warm.
  • Sunscreen and protective hats and/or sunglasses can also be very important and valuable.

Pricing Information

Registration Fee: $35 per person per clinic for Residents.  $40 per person per clinic for Non-residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hope is that each child will get familiarized with the sport environment and game. Instructors help both parents and kids learn the Fundamentals of the sport to improve participants proficiency in performing the sport.

Each participant will receive a t-shirt at their first or second session.

For each sport we will have instructors who will facilitate a great learning environment for both parents and kids.