Arbor Day Celebration 2020

Saturday, April 24, 2021
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Parks Division

Leisure Department @ City Commons Building

Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest bringing a pair of gardening/work gloves if you don’t like your hands getting dirty.  We will be planting trees, picking up litter and helping clean up trash to beautify the cemetery. 

There is no free to participant in this amazing stewardship project so bring the whole family and enjoy a morning at the park.

Yes, the Shade Tree Board grills hot dogs and serves them all the volunteers. There will also be chips and water available. 

Of course!  This unique event is a wonderful opportunity for a child with special needs to be part of improving his/her own park.  While you are at the nature center, please stop and view the progress being made at the All-Abilities playground.

The whole community! We encourage anyone, young to old, to join in our morning stewardship project.

Arbor Day Celebration is organized by the City of St. George Leisure Services Department, The Shade Tree Board and Star Nursery. 

We are sorry, but unfortunately we are canceling this year’s Arbor Day Celebration. We are acting on a recent recommendation from the Governor’s Task Force on coronavirus, in order to lessen the possibility of the virus spreading. That recommendation indicated that we should not hold events that would attracting large groups.


Arbor Day Celebration will be held Saturday, April 24, 2021


Join the Parks Division and the Tonaquint Nature Center staff for the annual Arbor Day Celebration at the Riverside Trailhead located at 1036 East Riverside Drive.

Volunteers are encouraged to partake in this amazing community stewardship project by improving the habitat for animals and improving the beautification of this area and the surrounding stretch of the Virgin River trail. We are planting for another decade of beauty in St. George. 


Event Highlights Include:

Free Tree/Shrub Give-Aways

Hot Dog/ Chip Lunch for Volunteers

Crafts for Kids

Free Gardening Advice