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Air Quality in Southern Utah, It's Everybody's Business

“Blue Skies” which are usually the norm for Southern Utah have not been so prevalent due to higher than usual rainfall, but soon enough we will all be enjoying that “Dixie” climate of endless sun, warmth and outdoor fun.

As the summer season arrives prevailing winds begin to stir the dust as we strive to keep air quality in check. With that in mind let’s take a moment and look at what the City has been up to with regards to controlling fugitive dust as well as other aspects of air quality.

The City of St. George Air Quality Regulations ordinance has been in effect for over two years and we have seen improvements in lowering dust impacts with the implementation of air quality standards.

As a result, the negative effects to air quality have been less frequent because development projects and local industries have been striving to keep their activities within compliance. The covering of material loads on commercial vehicles as they travel down roadways is a welcome sight reducing the volume of citizen complaints of excessive dust.

The slowdown of the economy has undoubtedly been a contributing factor but credit must be given to individuals and organizations who continue to do their part in keeping air quality acceptable. In 2009 the City of St. George and the Southwest Utah Public Health Department teamed together with assistance from the Southern Utah Air Quality Task Force to create a program to conduct air monitoring and sampling for particulate matter (pm10) at site specific locations throughout low lying areas in the area. Evaluation of the resulting data has revealed positive signs of improvement with the lowering of particulate matter in several areas.

Currently, planning is in place to continue this effort into 2010 with additional equipment and increased locations. Support from the Utah Division of Air Quality has been helpful in this cause as their staff continues to work with local contractors and companies on compliance and monitoring efforts.

For those interested in sustainable air quality for the area, you can become involved by attending a monthly Southern Utah Air Quality Task Force meeting which is open to the public. For meeting times and locations and other pertinent information please visit the City of St. George web site at