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GIS Disclaimer

The City of St. George (City) tries to ensure that the information made available on maps.sgcity.org is accurate and complete. Due to factors beyond the control of the City, however, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of information or errors made in inputting and posting data. 

The information shown on maps.sgcity.org was compiled from various sources and should not be considered authoritative for engineering, surveying, legal and/or other site-specific uses. Information obtained from the use of maps.sgcity.org should not be used for real or property boundary resolution. The City makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any responsibility for the use of the maps, images, data or content within maps.sgcity.org and use of the site is at the sole risk of the user; and, by proceeding, user does hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of St. George and its personnel from any and all claims, actions, costs or damages of any nature, including the City's cost of defense, asserted by the user or by another rising from the use of maps.sgcity.org. 

The City may make changes to maps.sgcity.org at any time to update, add, or correct the information made available. The City may suspend or discontinue making the information available.