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Joint Utility Committee Forms - JUC

Submitting online for JUC review is now easy!


All users will need to create an account.  If you are a current user with a different municipality, you will still need to register at the link below.  Use your same credentials so that you will be able to access all municipalities with one login. 

Registration link



If you have already registered with the City of St. George, you can use the link below to sign into your account.


Login link


Standard JUC Notes 07182023 PDF - 07-18-2023 View Download
JUC Checklist PDF - 02-08-2023 View Download
JUC Design and Construction Standards (1) PDF - 11-15-2022 View Download
JUC PreSubmittal Power Design Form PDF - 11-15-2022 View Download
D19 - Sample Power Layout PDF - 11-15-2022 View Download
D18 - Typical Joint Utility Trench Detail PDF - 11-15-2022 View Download
JUC typical utility layout - subdivision (1) PDF - 11-15-2022 View Download