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City Women

About City Women

City Women is a grassroots initiative by city employees, fully supported by leadership, that aims to increase the influence of women as leaders across all departments, strengthen the organization from within, and more accurately reflect the demographic characteristics of the community we serve. 


Our Vision

An inclusive culture that advances women’s leadership and nurtures diversity of thought, experience, and perspective.


Our Mission

Cultivate the knowledge, skills, and connections to increase the number of women in leadership roles and establish St George City as a model organization for women’s leadership and equity.


Why City Women?

Research shows that communities and organizations increasingly thrive when men and women work together in leadership roles. In fact, a lack of women in front-line and senior administrative positions may limit peak performance and innovation. Yet Utah consistently ranks low for women’s equality and leadership representation. An August 2020 WalletHub study ranked Utah 50th in the country for women’s equality, and an October 2020 Utah Women and Leadership Project study reported the percentage of women leaders in the City of St. George at just 13%.  We are part of a great organization that will be even healthier with more women on our leadership teams.


Who is part of City Women?

Everyone who works for the City, including those interested in women’s leadership and career development, and those wishing to learn more about how being an ally for women’s leadership positively transforms organizations.


As part of the Women's Influence Network, City Women works with organizations throughout our community to support women’s empowerment and leadership development.

City Women has accepted the ElevateHER Corporate Challenge.  To learn more about ElevateHER click here.