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Project Overview: 

Starting in October 2021, work began to upgrade the 3000 East corridor. Improvements will include intersection expansions, widening roads, adding curb, gutter and sidewalk and improving Active Transportation.  The six-phase plan is estimated to take up to two years to complete. 


Current Schedule: January 20 - 27


Phase 1: NOTICE - ROAD CLOSURE: 1140 South is closed from 3000 East to just west of the church property. Crews have installed the storm drain box, connected the appropriate pipes and are filling the trench in preparation for asphalt paving next week. The area will be paved, striped and barring any unforeseen circumstance will open on Thursday, January 27. Pedestrian access through this area will open at this time as well. We appreciate your patience.  


The work to install the 7,300 feet of new storm drain is continuing on schedule. Heavy equipment including cranes are in operation, and the area is only accessible to authorized personnel.

This project is anticipated to be completed around the first of May 2022.


Phase 2 and 3 - TRAFFIC IMPACTS: With all of the asphalt paving and concrete work wrapping up this week, crews will begin placing permanent marking paint to denote the new lane configurations with the expanded roadways. This work will be happening during the day starting the week of January 24 with nightwork striping scheduled from Friday, January 28 to Monday, January 31. The nightwork is necessary to restripe the various intersections and will produce minimal noise. 


Phase 2: Work in this phase is nearing completion just south of the Maverik to the Virgin River Bridge on the west side of Mall Drive. Final improvements are being made to get the new section of road open to the public by the end of January.


Upgrades to Mall Drive start at Riverside Drive and continue to 2780 East. Pedestrian accesses are open and functioning.


Phase 3: Construction is occurring from 1140 South to Mall Drive on the East side of 3000 East. All asphalt pavement in this area is finished including the trail adjacent to the 3000 East roadway. Concrete crews are completing final improvements. 


Upgrades on the southwest corner of Merrill Road and 3000 East are finished. The shoulder of the road in this area is closed with traffic moving safely through the intersection. 




Phase 4: This section of the project has been awarded to Interstate Rock and will begin as soon as ordered materials are available for construction. It is anticipated the project will start in late Summer 2022. 


Phase 1 - November 2021 to May 2022 

Phase 2 - October 2021 to December 2021

Phase 3 - October 2021 to December 2021

Phase 4 - Begin Summer 2022

Phase 5 - Begin Summer 2022

Phase 6 - Begin Winter 2022/2023


*Schedule is subject to change due to funding, weather, supply chain disruptions and other unforeseen circumstances.

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