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Energy Services Department
811 East Red Hills Parkway
St. George, UT 84770
(435) 627-4800

To report water and/or power problems please call (435) 627-4800.

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Power Department
St. George Municipal Power
The municipal power concept began in St. George in March of 1909 with a small hydro generation system powered by water from the open ditch of the Cottonwood Canal at the base of Pine Valley Mountain. Beset by problems and operating at a loss, the city sold their power system along with a 25 year franchise to a private businessman in 1916. It became known as Dixie Power Company and added additional hydro generating plants on the Santa Clara Creek near Veyo. This evolved into Southern Utah Power Company which moved to Cedar City in the early 1930's.

In 1940, when the 25 year franchise expired, the mood of city leaders and citizens was for St. George to hold its energy future in its own hands. On May 16, 1941, voters soundly approved $300,000 of electric revenue bonds and St. George Power Company was started with a diesel power plant on 250 South 350 East.

The Worthington"DD" Engine and GE Generator along with the Pelton Water Wheel turbine on display at above address were put into power production in April of 1942. The engine and its' twin were operated by day and along with the Cottonwood Canal hydro-generator produced enough power to meet day-time needs of the city. The power plant was shut down at night and the hydro provided enough power for the city's night-time needs.

By 1952 the diesel plant was expanded to five engines with total output of 6,788 kW. The expanded diesel plant and hydro were St. George's complete power source until 1966, when the city started purchasing power from the Bureau of Reclamation.

The hydro plant ceased operation in 1981 and the Skyline drive power plant was built in 1986. Both plants were used to shave peak loads until 1989. Then in 1991 the original plant was retired. Four engines were sold in 1994 and the building was demolished in December of 1995.

Gunlock Hydro was built and put into service in 1987 and power is produced by releasing irrigation water that turns two Francis turbines and generators up to 372 kW for the total plant operation.

In July of 1997 UAMPS in partnership with St. George started construction of an eleven MW plant. This plant is powered by 7 caterpillar 3516 Diesel engines and is located next to the regional waste water facility in Bloomington. The plant was designed to boost voltage and be back up of the waste water facility. It was dedicated in March of 1998 and is operated and maintained by St. George Power generation.

In May of 1995 the Pine Valley hydro was rebuilt on the original site and put back in service with a new 600 KW generator and dual nozzle Pelton Wheel turbine.
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