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The new Arsenic Rule has affected many communities across the country including the City of St. George. Currently the City owns around 10 wells that have arsenic concentrations that exceed the new standard of 10 ppb. According to the State Division of Drinking Water, we can meet this rule by a variety of ways including; blending the higher arsenic sources with low arsenic sources; using higher arsenic sources during high demand times of the year and lower arsenic sources during off peak season to achieve a yearly average concentration.

After testing all of our wells for the past few years on a biweekly basis we have developed a blending and averaging plan that will meet the new arsenic standard. This will involve installing a new pipeline to bring water from the Quail Creek Drinking Water Plant to the Gunlock and Snow Canyon Sources. We will also be operating our wells in such a mannor that the yearly average concentration will be under 10 ppb of arsenic.

The City of St. George is committed to protecting the public health and to compling with all State and Federal Drinking Water Standards, however, the City has explored the valitidy of this new standard with great concern over possible increased costs. We support the Drinking Water Board in its implimentation of this new rule and have determined that a yearly blending and sample averaging is a sensible and cost effective approach to meeting the new standard. Current research regarding arsenic health effects in relation to concentration suggests that the blending and sample averaging plan poses no health effects to the public.

To find out detailed information about your water source and Arsenic levels visit Arsenic Test Results To read more about the arsenic rule and learn about the research surrounding the implimentation of this new rule visit the links below.

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