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Public Works - Capital Projects 2006
Project Name Completion
3000 East Improvements, Phase II Summer 2014
Description: In this phase of the project, 3000 East will be widening to 32' from 700 south to 1450 South.

Project Name Completion
3000 East Widening, Phase I Summer 2014
Description: OVERVIEW
3000 East is planned as a major corridor serving the Washington Fields and Little Valley area. It will tie into the proposed Mall Drive Bridge. 3000 East is being improved in two phases. Phase one includes curb, gutter and sidewalk, a five-lane road, plus drainage and utility improvements from 1450 South to 1700 South. Phase two includes road widening to 32' from 700 south to 1450 South.

Construction of Phase I will be completed by May 2014.

Project Name Completion
Bluff Street and Sunset Blvd
Description: This is a UDOT project designed to ease traffic congestion at the intersection of Sunset and Bluff Streets.

The project will create an underpass and eliminate traffic signals by passing northbound and southbound traffic on Bluff Street over eastbound and westbound traffic connecting to Sunset Blvd.

Project Name Completion
Dixie Regional Transportation Expo
Description: OVERVIEW
The Transportation Expo is an annual event provided to foster interactive communications among the public and transportation-related entities regarding current projects, upcoming projects, planning processes and general transportation information.
For Community Members:

  • To gain a better understanding of the amount of work and effort being put forth on transportation planning and construction.
  • Get to meet and feel connected to the people working on these projects.
  • Become informed on the specifics of numerous projects.
  • Share thoughts and learn what other community members think about these issues.

For Transportation Planners:

  • Gain a better understanding of the issues and concerns.
  • Meet and talk with hundreds of community members.
  • Learn about the projects in other communities

Annual public participation has ranged from 450 to 1,100 participants each year since the Expo's inception in 2006.

Project Name Completion
Indian Hills Drive
Description: OVERVIEW
Indian Hills Drive is a narrow road that winds along the toe of the West Black Ridge. Increased traffic, particularly by bicycles and pedestrians, has given rise to safety concerns. This project will widen the roadway and improve the curves to improve safety.

An engineering firm has been selected to perform design services. Construction is anticipated in 2014.

Project Name Completion
Little Valley Road
Description: OVERVIEW
Significant residential development has taken place in the Little Valley area of St. George. Little Valley Road is a major collector that provides access to the area. The road will be widened to a minimum width of 32 feet and curb, gutter and sidewalk will be added in developed areas to complete required improvement.

Preliminary engineering has begun. Construction is anticipated in 2014.

Project Name Completion
Mall Drive Bridge August/September 2014
The city updated its Traffic and Transportation Masterplan in 2006. The planning effort identified a critical need to provide an additional arterial route across the Virgin River to serve the rapidly developing area of the South Block, the Replacement Airport, Washington Fields and Little Valley.

This project is being planned to relieve traffic congestion on River Road in St. George and on Washington Fields Drive in Washington City. Roadways will be extended to connect to Mall Drive on the North and 3000 East on the South.

Construction will take place in 2014.

This project is estimated to cost $8,500,000.

Project Name Completion
Pavement Management mid-September
Description: Each year the City of St. George crack seals and chip seals various road in the city.

Project Name Completion
Red Hills Parkway/Bluff Street Interchange
Description: OVERVIEW
High traffic volumes and accidents have made construction of a new grade-separated interchange at Red Hills Parkway and Bluff Street a high priority. The project concept is called a center exit interchange in which vehicles exit to the left to a single signal in the center of the interchange. The project is being funded by UDOT and the City of St. George

Design of this project will be completed this fall. Construction will be performed in 2014.

Project Name Completion
River Road Corridor Study Summer 2014
Description: River Road is experiencing high traffic volumes and peak hour congestion. To improve traffic flow the City Council has authorized a study to analyze 15 major intersections along the River Road/Red Cliffs Drive corridor from Brigham Road to Green Springs Drive.

Computerized traffic modeling will be done to evaluate corridor efficiency and to analyze the possibility of an I-15 underpass to connect Red Cliffs Drive with Red Hills Parkway in the area of the mall. Operational deficiencies will be identified and recommendations for improvements to increase traffic flow will be provide.

The study will be complete Spring 2014.

Project Name Completion
Description: This project will consist of two single lane roundabouts one at 600 West Tonaquint and one at 400 East Tabernacle. The 600 West Tonaquint Roundabout will include curb, gutter and sidewalk widening along the east side of 600 West along the Southgate Golf Course.

Project Name Completion
Traffic Control Center Ongoing
Traffic volumes throughout the regional area continue to increase, and with that, more and more traffic control devices are being installed. To effectively manage traffic, there is a need to monitor and synchronize regional traffic flow from a central location. To achieve this, the City of St. George has established a regional Traffic Control Center at its City Hall. It is being administered in cooperation with Santa Clara, Ivins, Washington, Hurricane, Washington County, the Dixie MPO and the Utah Department of Transportation.

All St. George Traffic Signals have been linked to the traffic control center with a fiber optic communication system. This allows real time evaluation and adjustment to all traffic signals in the City.

Project Name Completion
Traffic Volumes

City of St. George Traffic Volumes

The City of St. George is continuously monitoring traffic volumes. Follow this link to view Average Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes from the Utah Department of Transportation Traffic Statistics website. Click on the Traffic Maps (AADT) link to get the latest available volumes.

Send an email to to obtain more information.

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