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Drawing Review Status
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Culvers Restaurant
Current Status   Review Required
JUC 1st Review   3/5/13
JUC 2nd Review   4/2/13
JUC 3rd Review  
JUC 4th Review  
JUC Approved  
JUC Comments:

3/5/13 JUC returned utility plans with comments from 1st review. Make corrections. When civil site plan construction drawings have been submitted for review and comments from JUC have been address, submit for 2nd JUC review. 4/2/13 JUC returned utility plans with comments from review and requested plans for another review.
Current Status   Under Review
1st Review  
2nd Review  
3rd Review  
4th Review  
Final Approval  
Construction Review Comments:

5/13/13 distributed plans for review (Streets, Planning and Zoning, Brett). 5/15/13 received review from Streets. 5/15/13 distributed plan to Planning (Landscaping). 5/21/13 received review from planning. 5/22/13 received review from planning (Landscaping). 5/30/13 returned to engineer for corrections. 6/13/13 received plans for review.