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Application Forms
 Climatic and Geographic Information
     Description: Climatic and Geographic Information for Building in St George

 Commercial - Contractors Statement of Responsibility
     Description: Commercial Contractors Statement of Responsibility Form for St George

 Commercial - Deferred Submittal Agreement
     Description: Commercial Deferred Submittal Agreement for St George

 Commercial - Pre-Construction Conference Agenda
     Description: A Pre-Construction Conference with Commercial Plans Examiner and Chief Building Official is Required prior to receiving building permit.

 COMMERCIAL - Special Inspections Agreement Form
     Description: Special Inspection Agreement Form for Commercial Projects

 Commercial Plan Submital
     Description: Plan Submital Requirements

 Demolition Packet - COMPLETE
     Description: Complete packet for Demolition.

 Gas Sizing Map
     Description: NEW gas sizing map

 New Airport Hangar Information
     Description: Airport Hangar information

 Residential - Appliance Adjustment Verification Form
     Description: International Fuel Gas Code form ensuring gas appliances have been properly adjusted.

 Residential - Geotechnical Soil Classifications for Site
     Description: Form must be wet stamped with soil classification.

 Residential - Owner Builder Agreement
     Description: State required form for individuals who want to be their own General Contractor in the construction of their home.

 Residential COMPLETE Submittal Package
     Description: Complete submittal package for Residential Buidling Permit

 Residential Swimming Pool Application
     Description: Residential Swimming Pool Application & Checklist that must be completed and submitted with a building permit for new swimming pools

 Residential – Guesthouse / Casita Permit Application
     Description: Application permit for the construction of all new Guesthouses or Casitas in the City of St.George.

 Swimming Pool Code
     Description: This document includes code items related to the construction of pools. Code compliance will be verified by a building inspector during construction.