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April 23, 2014
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Forgotten Places - Photographs by Sam Scholes and Ben Kuhns

Show available:

July 24, 2010
through October 16, 2010

What is it about deserted places that attract us? Sam Scholes and Ben Kuhns set out to photograph and capture things made by and subsequently abandoned by humans. It causes us to think about what we put in the trash and what we leave behind. Their work is combined in the Legacy Gallery. Scholes is the grandson of the beloved painter, Gaell Lindstrom, who died in August 2009. It seems obvious that his degree just obtained from the Utah Valley University is in Anthropology. He is an award winning, published, and exhibited photographer.
Sam Scholes has been making photographs since he was a child. His Dad would load an old 35mm camera with film and only moments later Sam would return having taken an entire roll of nothing but cloud formations. Despite his initial propensity towards cloud photography, Sam’s father continued to encourage him as well pay for his many rolls of film.
Through high school and college Sam’s interest in photography continued to grow. “Photography commands my interest because I am fascinated by the visual world. We live in such an incredibly rich and visually interesting world. I feel that photography makes me a more thoughtful observer—seeing things I might otherwise miss. With photography I hope to capture some of that visual richness and share it with other people.”
Scholes specializes in urban decay, scenic landscapes, travel/lifestyle, and portrait photography. He enjoys traveling, making pottery, listening to all kinds of music, and of course he loves taking photographs. Sam traveled to Peru this past summer as part of an ongoing archaeological project.
Ben Kuhns is Nebraska born, Utah raised, and west coast loving and spends his days dedicated to one thing: improving his craft as an image maker. His creative inclinations go back almost as far as he does, starting with a pencil and paper and culminating in the photography he does now, which has been both exhibited and award winning.
Photography started for Ben as a way to study the abandoned and forgotten architecture of the world, which accomplishes two of his goals: travel and photography. On cold Utah Sunday’s you’ll still find him out getting dirty in the old buildings he loves. As not to be labeled a one trick pony, you’ll also find healthy doses of portraits, landscapes, and lighting experiments in his body of work.